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Q: Where is Rio Rico located?
A: Rio Rico is located in the southern part of AZ in Santa Cruz County.  If you look on a map, it is located South of Tucson (which is South of Phoenix) and North of Nogales (Nogales is a border town).

Q: What is the population of Rio Rico?
A: Rio Rico's population, as of 2007, is around 20,000 people but is rapidly growing.  When I began building my house in 1993, the population was around 8,000 people.

Q: What is Rio Rico's weather like?
A: From around the middle of October to approximately the end of May, the weather is just about perfect.  The high's during these days range from about 70°-90° with usually very low humidity.  During the summer months the weather can become a bit brutal, with temps's soaring into the 100's.  Rio Rico receives more rainfall than Tucson, which goes a long way in helping to bring down these uncomfortable temperatures.  I've always said that the people who are fortunate to have two homes--one in the pines during the summer months and the other in a place like Rio Rico for the other--that these are the "chosen ones."

  • Rio Rico is Spanish for "rich river."
  • I-19, the major highway into Rio Rico/Nogales, is measured in kilometers, not miles. This is the only one in the U.S. that does this.
  • Almost 500 homes a year are being built in Rio Rico.
  • The town of Tubac, located just mere minutes N of Rio Rico, is an artists' community which is well known to residents of Southern AZ