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With only 528,000 inhabitants in 1900, Florida counted almost 5 million people in 1960 and nearly 16 million in 2000, making it the fourth most populous state in the nation. Many of the new residents are retirees from other parts of the country and immigrants from Caribbean countries.

Florida is one of the nation's most highly urbanized states and contains some of the fastest-growing cities and counties in the country. Today the Sunshine State has a highly diversified economy, driven by tourism, international trade, health and financial services, high-technology manufacturing and the production of citrus fruits and other agricultural commodities.

Millions of tourists visit the state each year, lured by the warm climate and attractions such as the John F. Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. Florida's economy has also undergone rapid changes. Although agriculture is still expanding--accounting for most of the citrus production in the United States, as well as a large volume of vegetables--tourism, services and new industries have become increasingly important, as have military and other government installations.