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Fencing: Buyer covenants and agrees to build a standard cattle proof fence around any area of the property which contains any livestock placed on the property by Buyer.
Buyer fully understands that the property is subject to open grazing and Buyer shall fence his property to prevent grazing livestock from entering upon Buyer's property. No feedlots are permitted. The only access is over dedicated easements, bladed roads and natural terrain.

Easements: Buyer covenants and agrees not to erect any structure or improvement, including any type of fence, on or over any easements located on the property, which easements will be made known to Buyer by the location of said easements on the plat which has been provided to Buyer upon the execution of contract.

Gas: Propane gas is available from suppliers in El Paso, Sierra Blanca and Dell City.

How about the climate?

Month High Low Rainfall





February 62 34 0.40
March 70 40 0.29
April 79 48 0.20
May 87 57 0.25
June 96 66 0.67
July 96 68 1.54
August 94 67 1.58
September 87 62 1.70
October 78 50 0.76
November 66 38 0.44
December 58 31 0.57

HOA fees: No Homeowner's Association Fees (HOA) fees are associated with this property.

Topography: The topography of the area consists of gently rolling hills with mesquite, cedar, greasewood and typical Chihuahuan desert vegetation. There are no steep slopes, rock out croppings, unstable or expansive soil conditions. The soil is definitely not sand. During the summer rains the area is alive with grass and desert flowers. The land is fertile, although closer to the mountain it is rocky.

Taxes: All taxes and assessment will be paid by Concorde Financial Corporation until which time property is paid in full and Warranty Deed is delivered.

Water: You must obtain your own water and this can be done in one of the following manners:
1- The monthly cost of water from a state certified hauler will be approximately $ 75.00 per month
2- You may obtain a water supply by drilling an individual well, approximately 245 feet. The cost of a well will vary depending upon the depth, the type of casing and the type of soil. The quality of water cannot be assured until the well has been drilled and tested.

Sewage: Septic tanks are used by all the ranchers in the area to dispose of their sewage. Sewers are not available in the property. Buyer is responsible for obtaining a permit, installing, receiving final county inspection and maintaining the sewage connections or septic system pursuant to all Land County, state and federal use regulations and laws. Seller has no obligations with respect to sewage or septic systems. Septic tank labor, materials and permit will vary.

Electric: Electrical service has not been extended to the property. Buyer is solely responsible for installing and maintaining electrical service for use on the property. Seller has no obligations with respect to electric service. Electric Generator 5 KW whisper genet gasoline will cost approximately $ 1,350.00. Cost of operations will be approximately $ 185.00 per month. Electric generator 5.5 diesel will cost approximately $ 1,850.00. Cost of operation will be approximately $ 115.00 per month.

Services: Fire protection is available to the property. Police protection is provided by the sheriff of Hudspeth County in Sierra Blanca. El Paso as well as Fabens has stores offering food, clothing, hardware, auto fuel, etc.

Zoning: The property is zoned agricultural.

Access: While actual roads do no exist to all parts of the ranch, there is a guaranteed and legal access to all parcels (and roads can be bladed)

Survey: Seller represents that all survey pins are in place. Buyer further acknowledges that Seller will not provide additional survey pins and it is Buyer's responsibility to locate these pins when Buyer moves upon his property. Buyer understands and agrees that Seller, now or in the future, has no obligation to pave any of the property roadways, or any access roads thereto. Buyer also is aware that the county has no obligation to maintain, repair and/or pave any of these roadways at any time. All lots have been professionally surveyed by a licensed, registered surveyor.

Industry: The major industry in the area is ranching.

Mineral Rights: As in most parts of Texas these rights are generally owned by the government or by exploration companies, landowner naturally receives "surface damage" payments in the event of exploration activities.

Additional restrictions: Buyer covenants not to carry on any noxious or offensive activities on said property. Not to drill develop, explore, mine or refine any oil, natural gas or other minerals thereon. It is understood and agreed that at no time may this property be used for building or residential purposes.  The property is not to be used as the Purchaser’s residence or as the residence of any person related to the Purchaser within the second degree of consanguinity, as defined by law. Purchaser may take possession to the property at any time.  

Camping: Property owners may camp, park trailers, or bring camper to their ranch while visiting. A permanent residence building is not, however, a requirement of purchase.

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